Christmas in Dixie…just kiddin’


Abigail has enjoyed many moments sitting on her great-grandmother’s lap.

She grabbed her aunt’s glasses and decided to try them on her own eyes. She’s so smart and we know that all people that wear glasses are smart!

Luke asked for the game Hi Ho Cherrio for Christmas and he was delighted when he saw it underneath the torn wrapping paper.


Gami (AKA – grandmother) tells the children how gift distribution will work.

She fell asleep at the small table in the living area. That’s never happened before.

The grandchildren gather around MeMe and Pop.

Our family got bigger this past summer when my brother got married to my wonderful sister-in-law…this means that there is less sleeping space for us all at Mom’s house. The kids fit perfectly on the floor, warm, side by side.

She’s not into the princess thing nor has she seen the movie Peter Pan. I don’t know where her obsession with Tinkerbell came from but she’s in love with that cute little green pixie.

Again, Tinkerbell made an appearance (in the form of a puzzle).

It’s only a 2.5 hour drive to my mother’s house and the younger two children slept the entire drive. Andrew was the only kid awake to keep us company. He is always making conversation, believe me!

See, here’s the proof!

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