handmade ornament & gift


We often bring home to reuse those plastic cups given to kids with their kid’s meal at various restaurants, including the lids. Those lids have been sitting in one of the kitchen drawers for a long time just waiting to be tossed or used for something purposeful. Then, I saw this blog with pictures of Delaney’s creations and I just knew what I was going to do with those plastic round things….so I did!

I used gross-grain ribbon instead of yarn. The only other items I used were a hot glue gun, additional ribbon, and some tight wound twine for embellishment.

Also, since my oldest niece is going off to school in May and will have her first apartment to herself, I decided to make her a lap desk. It will come in handy when she wants to do homework, write letters, etc, in front of the TV or on her bed.

I used a thin piece of wood, sanded it down on one side, and then smeared Mod Podge in sections to adhere various pictures, letters, words, and phrases pertaining to my niece. She loved it!


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