Pictures I’ve yet to put on my external hard drive


Just some more random pictures to share….

I can’t tell you how many times I used to climb to the top of this very same staircase as a little girl. It’s fun to see my daughter doing the same each time she’s at “Granny’s house”.

My brother with his sweet new wife. It was fun having Kristi in our home this Christmas. I look forward to many more visits to come. God is good to give her to us!

A holiday visit wouldn’t be the same without a game of Aggravation and Phase 10.

This was what my darling husband got me for Christmas. It arrived yesterday and thus, I will be blogging more often, editing more photos, and replying to emails quicker since I no longer have to restart, restart, and restart!

To bring in the new year, the children took their pillows and blankets to the floor to watch a few episodes of American’s Funniest Home Videos together. Mitch started a fire and made some hot chocolate. This might just become a tradition!


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