Andrew’s surgery


My sweet little boy is home recovering from surgery. What a trooper he has been! We arose early Thursday morning to have him to the hospital by 5:30 AM for surgery that was scheduled at 7:30 AM.

We passed the time by watching a little television and playing Hi Ho Cheerio.

Mitch’s parents joined us right before Andrew was wheeled into the operating room so it was a special time to surround him with faces he loved. His surgery actually started ten minutes early but lasted longer than we had originally thought. He was back into his private room around 9:20AM and, after Pop prayed for his recovery and healing, Andrew slept the rest of the day. His pain has been minimal, thanks to Tylenol with Codeine.

This is where Andrew stays all day, except to rise to go the restroom. We take his bandages off tomorrow….I hear screams a’comin’.

I am so thankful my mother was here during this time. Her being here has allowed me to come and go with our other two children, make a grocery stop, take a brief walk alone, and not cook! She has invaded my house with her amazing cleaning and organization skills so I now have order in my kitchen drawers, folded and sorted clothes in the boys’ dressers, and totally clean and folded laundry!!!! Do you know the last time I had all the laundry clean, folded AND put away?!? I can’t either.
Luke is doing better after his root canal and is taking the antibiotic like it’s candy. I, however came down with a stomach bug this afternoon as I was at the park with the two little ones. Exhausted, I laid down with Andrew early evening and we slept for four hours, hence why I’m up at 2:30 typing this post. Also, Mitch has hurt his back so he is sleeping the night away with pain meds. Except for Abigail, we are all a bunch of sick folks!
I have purposefully not been too specific about the type of surgery he had but it had to do with his male parts so it might be helpful not to ask him too many details about the incisions, etc. HA!

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  1. I'm glad they are doing a little better! I was thinking and praying for you guys that whole morning.
    I know (because We've been there)that when your little one is under anesthesia it seams as if the time goes extra s l o w :}
    Hope you and your hubby bounce right back into health soooooon!

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