Monthly Archives: January 2010

Videos of amazing rescues in Haiti


Barbara has posted many videos of actual rescue footage of trapped people in Haiti.

I’m overwhelmed by the video of a wife who was trapped for days and, when discovered, sent a message through the rubble to her husband that, “even though I might die, I will always love you.” The husband began frantically digging until, with help from a team, she emerged singing praises to God.

Just a few fun tidbits about my husband


This is my wonderful husband. Always super busy with work, typing on his keyboard, writing a sermon, reading his online Bible, doing our family finances, answering emails, initiating friendships, following up on tasks, etc.

Sometimes he does those things while he watches Jimmy.

Or after taking a break from reading one of the various titles he’s checked out from the library.

Having warm feet helps him to concentrate.

And he didn’t seem to mind me jumping around the room, taking these pictures while he multi-tasked. What a man.

She (we) made cookies!


Abigail and I have every Friday morning together, just the two of us. I try incorporate one learning activity during this time that allows her to do most of the “work”. I mean, she loves to help me unload the dishwasher (no knives!), throw the clothes in the wash (no colors with whites!), scrub the potties (no, not really), vacuum the carpet (it’s all about the self-propel feature), and sweeping the floor (don’t step in the trash pile!) but those tasks aren’t as fun when you do them everyday, right Abigail?

This past Friday, we made cookies for the teachers at the boys’ school. I had no cookie dough (Chrissy ate it all – yeah I just called you out, CM) so we used an easy cake mix cookie recipe I found online.