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These two little guys love each other. I sometimes feel that all they do is fight but that’s just not true. Most of the time, they are playing happily together….just like they did for four hours this afternoon at Callaway Gardens (more pictures to come…maybe).

My idols


Twice in one week….that’s how many times I’ve witnessed two of my three children lie in danger of bodily harm by “another” (no, not by the hand of their siblings).

Seven days ago, I watched a large dog come within five feet of attacking one of my sons. Luke had just fallen off his scooter and was laying on the asphalt, observing his skinned-up hands when, from out of no where comes this massive dog, ears lowered, tail between his legs, growing and snarling, darting toward my child. If it hadn’t been for me stomping, running at full speed, yelling at the top of my lungs, and throwing a tricycle at him, I’m not sure the dog would have finally stopped and turned. I guess he figured that he was no longer the Alpha dog in the situation. The owner opened her front door when she heard me screaming and then addressed her son (who was on his bike in the driveway and witnessed the entire event) with scolding words, “You better not leave that door open again for that dog to get out, son”, and then turned around back inside.
Tonight, while at a McDonald’s playground (come on!), I watched Abigail climb the high staircase all by herself. For so long, her little legs haven’t been long enough to get up the wide tiers without the help from one of her brothers….but tonight she was beaming with joy as she showed off her new skills. Mitch left with the boys for an evening hockey game but I stayed behind to let Abigail play and enjoy herself. As I stood up from my booth to approach her about finally getting her shoes back on so we could go home, a fight broke out between two adult women who were just three booths away at a child’s birthday party. I panicked when I scanned the play area and couldn’t see Abigail. Was she under the pile of people who were fighting and referring? Was it too dangerous to try to break through the violence to get to my daughter? Then, I spotted her on the bottom tier, watching the grown-ups throw punches, pull hair, scream, cuss, and bleed. There were other parents in the area who were running for their kids, dialing 911 on their cell phones, and shouting for the adults to stop fighting. All I wanted to do was get out of there! I was in such a hurry that I didn’t bother packing up our leftovers or even remembering to retrieve Abigail’s shoes (which I went back for an hour later).
Both times were just plain scary. In the moment, the adrenaline was pumping and my mother-instinct kicked in at full gear. Thought wasn’t much of a process other than defeat and flee. Later, as I pondered on the situations, I cringed at the thought of much worse things that could have occurred. Pondering also brought to the forefront of my mind affirmations of my biggest idol… children. Most often when I dream, it usually ALWAYS involves losing one of my children. I wake up in a sweat, breathing heavily, wide awake, alert, and thankful it wasn’t real.
Lord, help my unbelief!

Coffee anyone?


Mitch and I don’t do coffee. Well, let me take that back….we don’t have a coffee maker in our home because neither of us are addicted to the stuff (Mitch hates it) and I am not one of those I MUST HAVE MY MORNING COFFEE people. Now, when a friend makes a pot for a group I happen to be a part of, you betcha I’m gonna have a cup of Java. I can now finally answer the question, “How do you like your coffee?” – lots of flavored cream and two sugars (Splenda!), thank you very much. Honestly, if the coffee isn’t free, I’m not gonna buy it…which is why I only drink coffee consistently on Monday mornings during women’s Bible study, thanks to Lynn, and about once a week at Coralie’s house when I go over for a friendly visit (she brews it with me in mind although I’m sure she downs about 2-3 cups before I arrive…the pot is never full when it’s my turn. Right, CC?). There’s one thing for sure, though. I don’t know how to make coffee. I’m completely dumb when it comes to how to make dark, light, strong, weak, nasty, or rich coffee.

I remember one time at Anita’s house when I had two cups of coffee, back to back. Suddenly, I felt my heart begin to race, my head feel light, and anxiety grip directly around my neck and shoulders. Since Anita is a nurse, I motioned for her to join me on the staircase so I could privately tell her of my physical situation. Oh, Anita…she knows me so well. We had a women’s function that morning and she knew of my love for the sweet stuff only on rare/special occasions. The first question she posed to me on that staircase was, “Have you had any coffee today?”. She diagnosed me with a caffeine high and told me to wait it out. Thanks, ‘Nita.
See, we have people over to our house a lot….sometimes for play group, sometimes for dinner, and sometimes just for the fun of it. Never has anyone made mention of my lack of a coffee maker but I’ve noticed that many people arrive with a Starbucks cup in their hand. That finally made me ask myself, “Is it rude not to have a coffee pot in our home?”. I don’t feel that I’d be tempted to start buying a bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee each week to feed my addiction because I truly don’t feel I would become addicted. Am I being nieve? Coffee is more of a dessert for me, not a method of jump-starting me in the A.M.
Maybe I’ll begin shopping around for a good price on a quality coffee maker. Then again, maybe I’ll just start giving Starbucks gift cards to all my friends for their birthday.

Blessed with rest


The kids decided they wanted to sit at their little red table during dinner last night (thanks, Melissa!). They asked for a tablecloth, which I didn’t have…so I grabbed a red and white crib sheet from the days of ‘ole and wrapped it around the edges. We cut the tulips from last week’s flower surprise to me from my husband and used them as a centerpiece (we planted the bulbs this afternoon). This was a real highlight for them!

When we get home midday from all our activities, the kids are all given “quiet time” in some form or fashion. Yesterday, the house was quiet for a solid 45 minutes; Andrew stayed in his room to read, draw, and build with his Legos, Luke spent some time on the computer and on the floor with his building blocks, and Abigail sat at my feet in the kitchen using her scissors to cut the flyers from Sunday’s newspaper. While they were resting their bodies, I managed to unload and load the dishwasher, dry a load of clothes, wipe down the counters, and prepare dinner early!

When the noise returned (and it’s a joyous sound, too….sometimes), I was truly thankful to the Lord for those minutes of calm – I told him so!

It’s been busy & nothing but fun!


Just some pictures of what our family has been up to lately….

Bowling (and billards) with the family where Mitch beat us all and Andrew came in second. I’m too embarrassed to tell you my score….and to think that I used to be on a junior bowling league! I’ve lost my touch (and my wrist brace).

Mitch came home with tulips for me one afternoon. What a thoughtful and sweet husband!

K.M. came over to eat dinner and play with us for a few hours.
We went to the park this morning in celebration of Arbor Day and participated in some of the environmental activities such as snake petting and bucket hiking (tee hee) as well as dancing to the loud music that was blasting from the back of the radio station van.

Rubberbands & food coloring fun


We had a lot of rain about two weeks ago. That meant that we spent quite a bit of time inside (which is often hard for my boys since they love to be outside playing hard!). One activity that we did together was to make rubberband musical instruments. Each child took one of those ever present plastic Gladware containers and started wrapping different sized rubberbands around it. The small bands were tight and made higher pitched sounds while the loose large bands made lower sounds. The kids left the table playing their “guitars” to Pandora playing music on my computer.

Even three full days after the snow, we managed to find a large surviving chunk on a short walk we took yesterday afternoon. I gave each child a portion (put inside another of those abundant Gladware containers that have infested my lower kitchen cabinet) and droppers of food coloring. They went to town making “snowcones”….
… and then destroying the ice with their gloved fingers.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to find things to do with my kids when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities. I don’t want to strive to “entertain” my children as I want them to be independent thinkers…..but they do need some direction at this age. Projects that allow for creativity stimulate their brain and I’m delighted to watch the boys grow and mature, finding “things to do” without having to ask me. I read this article today and was encouraged. I hope you are, too.
Now, I need to take them to a scrapyard, get my dustbuster working again, and learn to trust them with paints when I’m not supervising!