Blessed with rest


The kids decided they wanted to sit at their little red table during dinner last night (thanks, Melissa!). They asked for a tablecloth, which I didn’t have…so I grabbed a red and white crib sheet from the days of ‘ole and wrapped it around the edges. We cut the tulips from last week’s flower surprise to me from my husband and used them as a centerpiece (we planted the bulbs this afternoon). This was a real highlight for them!

When we get home midday from all our activities, the kids are all given “quiet time” in some form or fashion. Yesterday, the house was quiet for a solid 45 minutes; Andrew stayed in his room to read, draw, and build with his Legos, Luke spent some time on the computer and on the floor with his building blocks, and Abigail sat at my feet in the kitchen using her scissors to cut the flyers from Sunday’s newspaper. While they were resting their bodies, I managed to unload and load the dishwasher, dry a load of clothes, wipe down the counters, and prepare dinner early!

When the noise returned (and it’s a joyous sound, too….sometimes), I was truly thankful to the Lord for those minutes of calm – I told him so!

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