Coffee anyone?


Mitch and I don’t do coffee. Well, let me take that back….we don’t have a coffee maker in our home because neither of us are addicted to the stuff (Mitch hates it) and I am not one of those I MUST HAVE MY MORNING COFFEE people. Now, when a friend makes a pot for a group I happen to be a part of, you betcha I’m gonna have a cup of Java. I can now finally answer the question, “How do you like your coffee?” – lots of flavored cream and two sugars (Splenda!), thank you very much. Honestly, if the coffee isn’t free, I’m not gonna buy it…which is why I only drink coffee consistently on Monday mornings during women’s Bible study, thanks to Lynn, and about once a week at Coralie’s house when I go over for a friendly visit (she brews it with me in mind although I’m sure she downs about 2-3 cups before I arrive…the pot is never full when it’s my turn. Right, CC?). There’s one thing for sure, though. I don’t know how to make coffee. I’m completely dumb when it comes to how to make dark, light, strong, weak, nasty, or rich coffee.

I remember one time at Anita’s house when I had two cups of coffee, back to back. Suddenly, I felt my heart begin to race, my head feel light, and anxiety grip directly around my neck and shoulders. Since Anita is a nurse, I motioned for her to join me on the staircase so I could privately tell her of my physical situation. Oh, Anita…she knows me so well. We had a women’s function that morning and she knew of my love for the sweet stuff only on rare/special occasions. The first question she posed to me on that staircase was, “Have you had any coffee today?”. She diagnosed me with a caffeine high and told me to wait it out. Thanks, ‘Nita.
See, we have people over to our house a lot….sometimes for play group, sometimes for dinner, and sometimes just for the fun of it. Never has anyone made mention of my lack of a coffee maker but I’ve noticed that many people arrive with a Starbucks cup in their hand. That finally made me ask myself, “Is it rude not to have a coffee pot in our home?”. I don’t feel that I’d be tempted to start buying a bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee each week to feed my addiction because I truly don’t feel I would become addicted. Am I being nieve? Coffee is more of a dessert for me, not a method of jump-starting me in the A.M.
Maybe I’ll begin shopping around for a good price on a quality coffee maker. Then again, maybe I’ll just start giving Starbucks gift cards to all my friends for their birthday.

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  1. Hey girl, I recommend the Keurig…you can get it any roast you want with their K-cups and flavored as well. You can't mess it up b/c the cups are already measured for you. I have enjoyed my investment of the mini-Keurig since I am the only one who drinks it…well normally!!! I still don't want it too much yet.

  2. You know you don't have to brew a full pot. I make enough for me and you when you come, and we drink it all. No sense in wasting the sweet elixir of heaven in making a full pot for two people. πŸ™‚

    But I'm with Angela. The Keurig is great for small doses.

  3. The Keurig maker is, I think, expensive, and so are the coffee pods.

    My advice: Spend $20-$25 on a french press, some middle of the road beans (like eight o'clock), and a grinder ($15). The press only makes about 4 cups, and it is ever so much better than something a Mr. Coffee would produce.

  4. Jawan, go online to -if you've never ordered from them, check out the free gift–it used to be a free coffee maker if you purchased coffee from them. It is great coffee, but on the expensive side since you have to pay S/H, but you are under NO obligation to ever order anything else from them again–so go get you the free coffee pot and 1 lb of coffee for $14.95 and enjoy the wonderful coffee you get with it…Then you can branch out with other flavored coffees when that is gone–and you get to keep the coffee maker! Go for it girl!!! Their customer service is great–my first coffee maker didn't pull all the water from the reservoir and they sent me a second one which was fine…

  5. I say, keep tea on hand for anyone who needs a caffine high. People are coming over to be with you, not drink your coffee! Oh also Starbucks instant coffee is pretty good. That would work in a pinch. Also my first coffee maker was a free one from Gevalia. Lasted FOREVER!

  6. Hey, Jawan, I read your blog all the time and never comment, but as a coffee drinker (that may be an understatement) I will say I have never expected anyone to offer me coffee, anywhere (well, Tim Hortons and Starbucks should!). It is not rude not to have coffee, it would be rude to expect it! Keep doing what you are doing, from what I hear your home is a pretty hospitable place, coffee, or no.

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