Monthly Archives: February 2010

Rubberbands & food coloring fun


We had a lot of rain about two weeks ago. That meant that we spent quite a bit of time inside (which is often hard for my boys since they love to be outside playing hard!). One activity that we did together was to make rubberband musical instruments. Each child took one of those ever present plastic Gladware containers and started wrapping different sized rubberbands around it. The small bands were tight and made higher pitched sounds while the loose large bands made lower sounds. The kids left the table playing their “guitars” to Pandora playing music on my computer.

Even three full days after the snow, we managed to find a large surviving chunk on a short walk we took yesterday afternoon. I gave each child a portion (put inside another of those abundant Gladware containers that have infested my lower kitchen cabinet) and droppers of food coloring. They went to town making “snowcones”….
… and then destroying the ice with their gloved fingers.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to find things to do with my kids when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities. I don’t want to strive to “entertain” my children as I want them to be independent thinkers…..but they do need some direction at this age. Projects that allow for creativity stimulate their brain and I’m delighted to watch the boys grow and mature, finding “things to do” without having to ask me. I read this article today and was encouraged. I hope you are, too.
Now, I need to take them to a scrapyard, get my dustbuster working again, and learn to trust them with paints when I’m not supervising!

Dinner date with Daddy


Abigail went on a dinner date with Daddy this past weekend. One of the local Chick-Fil-A’s in town was having Princess Night as sort of a Valentine’s celebration. If your little girl dressed as a princess, she could eat for free. We are all about some free food! This was a great opportunity for dad and daughter to spend some time together, so I captured the moments before their departure that night.