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Editing in progress


Although she’d take no credit, Holly has been teaching me loads of stuff about photo editing in PSE8 (Photoshop Elements 8). Even though she’s a CS4 user, she waltzed her pregnant self right on up in my computer space and taught me some tricks of the trade. Thanks, Holly! How am I doin’?

(Straight out of camera = SOC)

Craft boxes


My children are ALWAYS asking to do something crafty and creative. Often, this leads to arguements over who gets to use the twisty crayons, the fat markers, the skinny Crayolas, that coloring book, those scissors, and this colored paper. So, I’ve decided that I’m gonna surprise them each with their own craft box. This way, they can keep all their own items stored in one place and, at the same time, have ownership over some of the art supplies and materials. Of course, my two year old daughter won’t have exactly the same stuff in her box that her four and six year old brother have, nor are the craft boxes large enough to hold everything on the list…I’m gonna try to start small, I promise!

When thinking about items to include in their boxes, here’s what my brain (and the Internet) spit out:

Selection of colored paper & cardboard
hole pucher
glue sticks
Kiddie scissors
pastels or Cray-pas
Acrylic paint
Watercolor paint
Brushes and sponges
Glitter and/or glitter glue
Pipe cleaners

Tissue paper
Sticky tape
Paper clips
Paper punches
Contact (clear)
Cotton balls
Googley eyes
Colored feathers
Colored popsicle sticks
Pom poms
Old fashioned wooden clothes pegs
Felt squares
Fancy scissors
Origami paper
textured paper
Wool scraps
Fabic scraps
Lace scraps
Bits of ribbon
Bits of rick-rack
Collection of odd buttons
Box of pictures cut from magazines
Pieces of Styrofoam
Bubble wrap
Egg cartons
Cotton reels
Cardboard rolls
Small square boxes
Wooden skewers
smooth rocks
Plastic bottles
Bottle tops

Life is the issue


I’ve been waiting for this….Thank you, Dr. Mohler.

Justin Taylor writes:

Albert Mohler echoes my thoughts and approach exactly (though more eloquently):

I have refrained from extended comment on the health care reform bills—not because I do not have multiple concerns about the bills, but because I recognize that committed Christians can and will disagree over the political and policy issues involved. The trip-wire for me is the issue of human life. The current bill spells disaster when it comes to abortion. I cannot remain silent in this crucial moment where the sanctity of human life is at stake.

Read his whole commentary, where he quotes Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life, who argues that the bill represents “the single greatest expansion of abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.”

I’ve got a new look


If you’re a regular reader of this blog and often venture outside of your RSS feed to lay eyes upon my layout, you’ll notice that it’s been changed….again! I’ve been playing around with different designs but just couldn’t find that ONE template that I loved….until now. Thanks to my sweet friend, Melissa, I now have a look that I adore and plan on sticking with for a long while. I also hope that this will jump start my new photography business venture, creating a more professional look.

Please be patient with me as I’m still updating some of the features. The slideshow is the hardest part of this new template so be on the lookout of familiar faces flashing through soon. Thanks to Cinnamon Girl Studio for this fabulous design!

First hugs, now Pugs!


My friend, Pat, owns an eight year old pug (Yes, Pat is aware that she has more hair on her head than her dog does). “Hey, Betty Boop!”

My brother and his wife own a pug as well. “Hey Einstein!”

So, I think it’s a sure thing to say that my children have their heart set on their first dog being a pug. As a family, we are still a few years from making that happen but, in the meantime, we will love on those cute snorty little dogs!

So many hugs


While teaching my kindergarten art class today, one usually hyper little boy kept getting up from his station to give me hug after hug after hug. The first and second hugs were cute and I reciprocated by giving him gentle squeezes in return. The third hug he gave (around my leg, mind you) was beginning to get old and, by the fourth hug, I was getting extremely tired of being interrupted as I was trying to give instructions to the class about the art project at hand. So, with gentleness I said, “I appreciate your hugs but right now is not the time since we only have a few minutes together this morning to complete our project. Now go back and sit down and don’t get back up again, please.” His response? “I can’t help it, Mrs. McGinnis. I’m a lover.”

I ’bout peed my pants.