Monthly Archives: June 2010

Blueberry pickin’ time


Wow, a caravan of seven cars followed one another to a treasure just 20 minutes from our town….a wonderful blueberry patch! We visited this patch last summer, too, but waited until late July to pick when the berries were juicy and sweet. This summer, we decided to go a little earlier since there were more children and it wouldn’t be as hot as it’s gonna get (it was still a scorcher). The berries weren’t quite as sweet but there were plenty of ripe ones for the picking.

It was fun to be outdoors with friends, talking through the bushes, watching our kids run around, listening to the little giggles as they hid, and filling our buckets with pure blue delight.

Mom, where are you?

See what Andrew did as I picked the berries?
He hunted for frogs and caught eight (in the jar he’s holding).
Imagine that.

Summer entertainment thus far

Catching toads.


Reading books with Dad

Family style bowling


Swimming (duh!)
It’s already hit 100 degrees!

Visiting the uptown old bookstore.

Eating watermelon.

Painting and crafting.

Seeing the magician at the local library.

Playing marbles together.

Putting on chapstick
(and going a little overboard with the application).

What Luke is saying these days


“Mama, these flip flops are too floppy”
said after tripping over his flip flops in the store parking lot.

“Mama, God made us out of nothing and called us good! Just like that, we were made and we are his!”
said after a week long excursion in VBS.

“Mama, don’t forget to put that sunscreen on my nipples”
said as we were spraying the stuff on our skin at the pool.

Just when I thought….


For the past six years, I’ve had issues with my teeth. Most of my problems came on during and after pregnancy due to all the hormones that come along with that wondrous gift. This is a person who had her first root canal at age six and currently has five root canals in her mouth (my four year old already has four root canals). My dentist has assured me that my issues stem from genetics and not so much from nutrition or hygiene. So, imagine my delight when I went into my dentist office today with only a cleaning on the agenda…no root canal, no crown, no impression, no fillings, etc….just a cleaning. But just when I thought that I was clean and clear, she gives me some bad news. Seems they found more deterioration and that I might possibly have some major nutritional deficiencies. Now I’m off to the lab for blood work and then to the natural food store to purchase a boat load of vitamins.

When I told her that we were considering having a fourth child, my dentist adamantly exclaimed, “NO! Let me get some work done first. You must schedule your next pregnancy around your dental work, please! Give me until 2012, at least.” Of course, my husband has perfect teeth. You know, the kind that makes dentists poor. But my dentist is rich….off me alone.