The car. The car. The dang car.


Anyone else clearly see their nasty sin when they are trying to un/load kids in the car & load groceries, satisfy their musical tastes, answer their repetitive questions, talk over them to answer, get interrupted while answering, break up arguments, find out who threw the gum out the window, pretend to “turn your head” to see what he/she wants to show you, move the rear view mirror to make eye contact through stern vocals, find a napkin for their sneezing snot, sigh when they SPILL their candy/food/drink……not to mention all the while TRYING TO DRIVE!?!?!?!

Just curious.


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  1. oh my goodness… YES YES YES. i'm realizing my extreme lack of patience this week- and it's always in the car or in the process of getting in/out of the car. thank you for being REAL!

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