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A few weeks ago, a friend and I went to another friend’s house to make an ice cream cake. It was a “made-from-scratch” recipe and I think it might become a birthday staple in our home. The kids loved it! It called for Swan’s cake flour, powdered cocoa, eggs, salt, baking powder, sugar, and obviously, ice cream of your choice. I recommend a coffee flavor.

Our boys love to hunt for bugs, frogs, and any other creature that crosses their dirty fingers. They were excited the other day when we raised our garage and found a bird sitting in our driveway. Upon closer examination, we discovered the bird was badly injured so we offered him a tray of water. He refused but managed to walk to the bushes in our front yard. Sad to say, we found him dead later that evening. Wow, that’s awfully morbid for a post, yeah? It was a good lesson for the kids, though.

I’m thinking that I might start making my own laundry detergent using this recipe from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. I have several friends who do this and all have said that it’s worth the time to save the money….and it lasts longer, too.

My children like to go to their grandmother’s house (my mom) a few weekends of the year. Only the boys were expected to be away but as I was preparing to drop them off with my mom, she asked if she could keep Abigail, too. So, Mitch and I have had a free weekend to ourselves and it’s been delightful. We slept late today, ate a late lunch, ran some errands around town, did some house hunting (just dreaming, not really moving), ate dinner, and crashed at home to snuggle on the couch and watch some golf.

Thanks, Mom, for giving us this time. It’s been wonderful. I hope you enjoyed the hours with your grandchildren because I know they loved every minute with you.


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  1. Funny. Adi's bday was Sunday and she asked for ice cream cake. It was so yummy! Also, I've done the laundry soap. It, in my opinion doesn't get whites white (white uniform tops) but I think it's great for darks.

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