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How to make a difference in the local church


To close out his Next 2010 conference message, “The Church,” Kevin DeYoung gave a list of suggestions for how to be a difference maker in the local church. He said:

• Find a good local church.
• Get involved.
• Become a member.
• Stay there as long as you can.
• Put away thoughts of a revolution for a while.
• Join the plodding visionaries.
• Go to church this Sunday and worship in Spirit and truth.
• Be patient with your leaders.
• Rejoice when the gospel is faithfully proclaimed.
• Bear with those who hurt you.
• Give people the benefit of the doubt.
• Say “hi” to the teenager that no one notices.
• Welcome the old ladies with the blue hair and the young men with tattoos.
• Volunteer for the nursery.
• Attend the congregational meeting.
• Bring your fried chicken to the potluck like everybody else.
• Invite a friend.
• Take a new couple out for coffee.
• Give to the Christmas offering.
• Sing like you mean it.
• Be thankful someone vacuumed the carpet for you.
• Enjoy the Sundays that “click.”
• Pray extra hard on the Sundays that don’t.
• And in all of this, do not despise the days and weeks and years of small things (Zechariah 4:8–10).

HT: CJ Mahaney

10 reasons why I love my dentist


Here’s the short story: I am about to get my eighth root canal next week, six of which were “diagnosed” by my current dentist, Dr. S, and referred to a local endodontist (who is filthy rich off me alone). It seems that every time I visit my regular dentist, she gives me more bad news. Upon hearing this sort of news, I usually cry right there in the chair. Well, either I cry from the bad news or from the shot of Epinephrine to numb the “bad” spot in my mouth. The adrenaline rush makes me weepy and I have to have the hygienist stay with me/hold my hand. I’m very OK with going to the dentist and I don’t fear the shot, drill, or blood….however, I do fear the heartbreak that MORE work is to be done. I hate what my dental file is doing to our bank file.

My dentist is good, though. She relieves me of my pain or refers me to someone who can do more extensive work in my pathetic, pitiful rows of teeth. You’d think I’d know the numbers for all my teeth but I’ve yet to educate myself to the grid. All that to say (yeah, short story, right?), my mouth has been hurting for a solid week. Ibuprofen has become my best friend and I’m so excited about my dentist appointment this week. I’m weird, huh?

Upon leaving her office last week, my dentist hugged me and jokingly said, “I know I give you all sorts of bad news but please don’t leave me for another dentist!”. I just laughed and responded with, “There’s no one else in this town who would want to take on my case. My file is so thick and they wouldn’t know where to start! No one knows this set of teeth like you do. I’m not going anywhere!”. So, I wanted to put this list together of the ten reasons why I love Dr. S. I appreciate her team and am so thankful for all the work she’s/they’ve done for me.

Why do I love my dentist? Let me count the ways…

1. …because Dr. S always greets me with a smile and genuine interest in my family.

2. …because Dr. S loves Jesus and treats her patients with compassion and grace.

3. …because she has hired an amazing office/dental staff that all know me by first name and enjoy seeing me often (at least they act like they do!).

4. …because Dr. S knows to give me an alternative numbing medication due to my reaction to Epinephrine. And, you couldn’t tell by looking that I have so much falseness in my mouth (unless I laugh with my mouth open).

5. …because Dr. S just took on a new partner, Dr. B, who has been present my last two visits to get to know me. I told you she hires well!

6. …because Dr. S is thorough when explaining the complications in my mouth and tells me her advice on what to do next.

7. …because Dr. S and Mrs. B, the office manager, are merciful by letting us pay off our bill in a consistent, yet compassionate, manner.

8. …because Dr. S doesn’t mind working on me often and reminds me that my teeth are salvageable…she encourages me.

9. …because Dr. S hums while she hovers over my face, hard at work. She usually hums an old hymn like, “Rock of Ages” or “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus”.

10. …because her office called in an emergency Vicodin perscription for me over the phone late one weekend evening four years ago. I’ll never thank her enough for that. I’ll always remember.

How can I glorify God through this physically and financially painful constant need? I can thank the Lord that I still have teeth and painkillers to ease the throbbing….and tell you that God is good to give me Dr. S!

Do you think I’ll get a discount on my next exam now?