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It’s a random Sunday night


Sometimes I think it’s weird when bloggers apologize for not having written much in days. Having said that, I only feel a need to apologize to my mother and mother-in-law who check my blog daily, longing to see of and hear about their grand babies.

I have so many pictures on my memory card and on my ext. hard drive that I want to post on this here blog but I don’t know when I’m going to do it. Get ready for a photo explosion soon!

Just returned home this evening from a trip to the north part of our state for a beautiful outdoor farmhouse wedding. Mitch took this Sunday off so we could worship up yonder with some old friends who used to belong to our church. It was a nice time and we look forward to seeing them again one day.

I’m looking forward to going out with a group of friends tomorrow night. The women in my church are getting together to paint. Pictures will be posted, I’m sure…they are a fun, wild, and crazy bunch.

Only 2 more weeks until school starts and I go back to work after six years of being at home with my children. God has given me a job teaching at the school where all three of my children will be attending. Fantastic, right? I KNOW! Now, where’s my lesson plan book?

We just finished VBS at church. Around 40 kids came everyday. I was taught a great many lessons and loved on by many tiny people. Grand, it was.

Andrew is still singing camp songs and telling me something new from camp everyday. He’s yet to make “those noises” from his underarm. Maybe next summer.

I spoke on the phone a few weeks ago with a dear friend and she reminded me of the value of relationships…especially those of woman to woman. Then, just last week, I spoke to another dear friend and experienced first hand the meaning of a long distance sob session…and how meaningful it was.

After sharing a bed with one of my children last night during our hotel stay, I must say that I prefer sleeping with my husband. That’s a good thing….I KNOW!

Our church is studying through Paul Tripp’s, “What Did You Expect?: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage”. OH. MY. GOODNESS! It’s such a rich study, full of truth, gospel centered, and encouraging. It makes me love my husband more!

Ok, I think that’s all I can process tonight.


She’s 3! How many? THREE!


Abigail turned three years old over a week ago. I had tons of tokens from that cheesy place so we played for a bit and then cashed in our tickets for cheap plastic prizes (to her delight!). Her oldest brother was at camp so only the four of us went. There were no gifts and no mention of cake…and she never asked. I think she was just happy to be with her family. She even said she missed Andrew.

Once her brother returned from camp, we had a small birthday celebration at her grandparent’s house. You should have seen how full that pool was of party people! Some of her favorite people in the world were at her party eating cake and ice cream with her. She was thrilled.

What DID she ask for? Well…..a birthday wouldn’t be a real birthday without Chick-Fil-A. Delicious as always.

Abigail, you are dearly loved. Our prayer for you is that your knowledge of the Lord will grow and his love and grace will soak deeply into your heart. Love Jesus, little girl. Tell others of Jesus. Enjoy God. There is no other purpose in life.

Happy birthday, baby girl.



We are in the midst of VBS this week at church and I’m having a fabulous time! I’m teaching music with hand motions and then walking around as the official photographer/floater. It’s been delightful to meet each child and see them face-to-face each morning.

My children are enjoying new friendships, singing songs of praise (courage CD), hearing amazing and true stories, making crafts, and playing outside. Besides seeing them having fun as they learn about their Creator, I get to see some of my best friends and have great conversations with them every morning this week!

Austin teaching the young boys his skillz!

One of three classes of children….42 children came today!It’s hot outside…hot, indeed!
Sweet friends.

My cousin graduated and I made her this mug thingy


I like to make things. When my second cousin, Jamie, graduated from high school in Los Angeles last month, I knew I wanted to make her a little somethin’ somethin’. So, what else does a future college student want and need? A COFFEE MUG TO GO WITH THEIR COFFEE!

I jazzed up a boring insulated plastic coffee thingy by taking pictures from her graduation announcement, making a collage from them and other words/letter/pictures from magazines, and then laminating the collage to fit inside the mug’s inner lining. I put a packaged sample of Starbucks iced coffee inside the mug and then wrapped it with love before mailing.

It was really a lot of fun to make and I think the fact that it was created for a family member made it more of a treasure. Not to mention that our other cousin, Kelly, actually took the photographs of Jamie! Jamie text’d me today to tell me how much she loved it. I can just envision it in the middle console circle of her car as she zips around Culver City.

I think this will become my staple gift to give all female graduates….I’ll be up a creek with no paddle when it comes to the boys, I guess. Suggestions?

Free chicken? MOO Yes!


It’s tradition. We do it every year and, every year our costumes are different. My kids are always troopers although they aren’t big fans of dressing up in public (except for my daughter – she’s a ham for attention). Once the free food hit the tray, the costumes were ripped apart and tossed in the can. Looking forward to doing it again in 2011!

While standing in line to order, one lady grabbed Mitch’s forearm, looked at me and said, “Mam, is this your husband? He’s a mighty fine lookin’ cow!”. Yeah, I already know that, but thanks for announcing to everyone else in the restaurant that I have a HOT husband.

Andrew’s home from camp!


When we arrived, he was playing football with his new friends, right beside the lake. He waved and continued playing until we got close enough for a hug. Throughout the camp meal, program and presentation, he whispered in my ear of how much fun he’d had this past week. It made me smile to see him point things out to me since I was on staff at this camp for two straight summers and knew it like the back of my hand. It brought him pleasure to inform me of locations and adventures. He shared a little of what he learned of the gospel through reading the book of RUTH with the other campers. Oh, I love that he enjoyed camp and that he wasn’t ready to come home (kind of).

Mr. Jacob was an amazing counselor, friend, and mentor for Andrew this week.

Singing songs is a HUGE part of camp. Especially those with grand hand motions!

The wooded trails are deep and dark at times so holding hands becomes a habit. Maybe Andrew will be more apt to hold his mommy’s hand from now on. We’ll see…..