First day of school


I just realized that I never posted pictures of my boys on their first day of school as I did for their sister. We’ve been back in school for 3.5 weeks now and my kids really are enjoying their time in class.

Andrew is finding first grade to be a fun challenge and is experiencing the typical difficulties of bringing homework home for the first time and studying for weekly tests. It’s trying on me, too! Overall, Andrew thrives on school and asks, “How many hours til Monday?” every Friday when he gets in the van at pick-up.

Being Luke’s teacher has been wonderful. He doesn’t cling to me, yet I know that he feels safe being with me all day. He’s never feared school but he is definitely the child that would rather be at home and never in the classroom setting. Seeing me all morning brings him comfort and security. He still enjoys the playground and his friendships….but he can often be found in close proximity to me when he can get by with it. And, yes….he cried at home before leaving for his first day back at school. He wasn’t crying about school but rather because he was unhappy with his breakfast choice. Good grief.

Abigail just loves her her teacher (Who wouldn’t? She’s fantastic!) and is in a class of all girls! It’s nice to walk into the lunchroom with my class and see her eating with her class….she simply smiles her big smile to acknowledge me. She’s growing up!

18 days down, only 162 to go!

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