Playing catch up through pics


I’m going to post a bunch of pics in hopes of getting “back in” with my family after not posting for a while. Just kidding, Mom.

Making dessert after dinner = graham crackers with marshmallows heated in the microwave to they blow up, get puffy and sticky – and make a great sandwich!

The weather today (Monday) was around 82 degrees! We spent most of the afternoon outside playing together. I can’t wait for Fall to finally arrive. I think today was a nice, yet short, taste of delightful things to come!

Abigail loves to play with her wooden bear set. Luke got a hold of it when Abigail stepped away for a moment. He made this little bear and then said, “Come here, Mama! I made a preacher just like Daddy!”. I guess Luke doesn’t know how much Daddy HATES and DESPISES ties, hence why he usually wears a sweater vest each Sunday. There’s no bears in the set with a sweater vest….we looked, I promise.

He needed manipulatives for his math homework…. my candle tea lights worked but he still used his fingers when he could.

I cut up three cereal boxes as puzzle pieces, laminated them, and then let my little ones figure it out. Luke loves puzzles and hopped right on this train.

There’s a new place in town (Chill) and we visited for the first time last week one afternoon when school let out. It was yummy and the kids thought it was so cool to pick various flavors, pull the lever, mix it up in their cup, add toppings, and weigh the cup at the register. I liked the concept since it allowed for a variety of flavors and toppings.

This nest is located in a bush that sits between our church and school building. All church members and school teachers are watching it closely!

Before haircut: I spent a lot of time in my classroom preparing for our first day back at school. My kiddos often hung out with me and entertained themselves with puzzles, blocks, games, arts-n-crafts, and a plethora of other things.

Abigail entertains herself when she visits the doctor. There’s always someone to talk to in the mirror!


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