Monthly Archives: August 2010

The day the Scharff family came

I have a friend & her name is Suzie.I love her so.

She has six kids.

They are hilarious & my kids love them.
We want the Scharff family to come back soon!


It’s been a month, I know….


Abigail has been three years old for over a month now but I wanted to post some more cute pictures of her birthday celebration at my mother’s house in south Georgia.

From her “Gami”, she received a wheelbarrow
and gardening bag/tool set.
She’s ready to dig and plant!
“Abigail, how old are you now? …..”THREE!”Wow, what a smile!
I think she was ready to eat some ice cream cake!
Andrew had to get some face time….he’s so adorable, too.
Siblings….how precious that they loved sharing this time together.

Mall kids


We don’t visit the local mall very often, but when we do, we always get an ice cream as our last venture so we can walk out to the car as happy campers. Yesterday, we sat down for a bit to enjoy our treat and rest our bones. I looked up and saw them sitting together so I quickly grabbed my camera from my purse. I just looked at this picture tonight and busted out laughing – this picture is funny because they are eating ice-dream from Chick-Fil-A (hmmm, imagine that) while sitting in front of a Dippin’ Dots vending machine. I would almost bet this machine makes little change for it’s owner – you can’t beat CFA ice-dream!

Her 1st day of school


Abigail started school last week and, honestly, she was ecstatic, overjoyed, and thrilled. She is one of six girls in her class and has the sweetest teacher EVER! It’s going to be a good year for her! Another good thing about her being at school is that she’s in the room right next to my classroom…I have no shame…I am THAT mom (and proud of it) who takes many peeks throughout the morning.

"I got my hair did!"


My kids wanted to make a mess of my hair tonight and see how crazy of a “do” they could accomplish. I played along since I’m always game for someone to brush and style my hair! The boys were VERY uneducated about the value of a woman’s hair and sensitivity to the scalp, but Abigail was in full force styling mode.