Monthly Archives: November 2010

They really brighten my day


Recently, the Lord has brought a good number of college students to our church. They are an easy going crew, laid back, full of fun, and have lots of love for the Gospel. They have clicked easily with our family and I find myself yearning for more and more time with each of them.

After church today, we invited them to our home for lunch. We sat around the living room laughing, eating hamburgers, munching on sweets, joking around, playing with our kids, and being silly. The silliest of them all, by far, is Phillip. Before eating today, he entertained us all with a very animated reading of The Monster at the End of This Book. I wish I had captured the reading on video….you would have laughed your boo-tee off. He actually read it a bit like this.

Phillip reads to Katie, Robin, Lauren, and Daniel. TJ was sitting on the couch too far right – he was laughing, too!

As a family, we had to be back up at the church for an afternoon function so we just left the students in our house and told them to lock up when they left. That’s some true love for community, huh? When we returned home about five hours later, this is what greeted us in our kitchen.

We love you all, too! Mitch and I are so thankful the Lord has brought you to WPC and we pray that we can be a church family to you as you spend your time here as a student for the Lord. We enjoy going to your recitals and seeing your work. Thanks for loving us and including us in your busy lives.

Now I just need to figure out who’s the artist of the group…..