This house is cold!


The heat is out in our home. I remember waking this morning and saying to Mitch, “It feels unusually cold in the house.” We both checked the thermostat and then the Weather Channel. The temperature at the time was 32 degrees outside so we chalked up the cold house to the colder outdoor temps, thinking it would warm up at the day progressed.

I left mid morning to shoot a wedding in Auburn but got a phone call from Mitch just before the ceremony started: “It’s cold in this house because the heater is broken. Someone’s coming out in a little bit to look at it and possibly fix the thing.” When I got home this afternoon, Mr. Heater was at our house assessing the situation. Seems the board is broken and the part won’t be available (hopefully) until Monday, two days from now.

So, the kids are double layered, all the beds are weighed down with extra blankets, and I can still hear small pops from the fireplace. I’m gonna snuggle extra close to the preacher man tonight. I hope he doesn’t mind cold toes.


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