7 Quick Takes


Just some notes I joted down in this little brain of mine:

1. While looking in a book for children on the anatomy of the human body, Luke (age 5 yr) gazed at the picture of an actual heart and it’s labels. After reminding him that God made our bodies and that our heart actually looks like the one in the picture, Luke said, “No it doesn’t. The heart in the book doesn’t have Jesus in it like mine.” Giggling and crying as I typed that….

2. At bedtime tonight, I pressed the play button on Abigail’s CD player for her routine roundup of Michael Card...but, for the first time ever, she made a request for something different: Chris Rice. I obliged.

3. Speaking of Chris Rice, Andrew wants to know why he sings a song about smelling the color nine. I explained it to him later. He now gets it.

4. When in Auburn, AL, this past weekend, I stopped at a busy red light to wait my turn to proceed. Looking to my right, a large (LARGE!) deer waltzed out of the brush next to the street and looked at me before stooping to eat the grass. It was eerie. Strange. Weird. Alabama….

5. One of the deacons in our church is very tall. At small group Sunday night, he was referred to as “the church bouncer” since he’s the GO-TO guy when a man is needed on Sunday mornings to care for unexpected visitors in great need. We were reading Mark 1:16-45.

6. I noticed Sunday morning during Sunday School that the fire code for our church/school fellowship hall only allows for 51 persons in the room at a time. Oops.

7. Seems I do most of my mental note taking on Sundays…..


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