Monthly Archives: January 2011

Happy 40th, Mitch!


My husband just celebrated his 40th birthday! For a party of sorts, we gathered at a local pub and ate dinner with sweet friends from church….because being surrounded by friends is right where Mitch wants to be.

Eating at The Cannon Brew & Pub is a delight!

We had a private section upstairs for our noisy bunch. It was so much fun watching everyone mingle, swap seats, laugh, and share food.

Mitch shows off his birthday present from me – a pair of brown Sketchers that HE picked out.

We were visited by a ballerina….she even had her shoes with her. Seriously, Allison was hurting after this attempt at stretching.

Kristen steals a quick kiss from Brandon’s cheek. Sitting across from these newlyweds was hilarious. They always make us laugh. Go Kansas!

Ummmm…..half of a photo fail, thanks to the pastor. “Hey Ira and Liz! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Well, if you knew this couple, you’d automatically know why this picture is blurry. They are a barrel of true laughter, often unable to contain themselves – like tonight, for example.

Jennie explains trigonometry and calculus to her peeps. HA! Just kiddin’….she’s just telling them about something she just finished sewing. I need to take lessons from her!

Ryan and Beth….getting married in 2 months!

They told us soon after this picture was taken that they were going to eat fast and then head home to watch The Social Network.…nerds. Love ya, Robin and Philip!

Chrissy and Chad just found out they are having a baby boy! They are ecstatic! The ultrasound pictures were passed around as Chad kept grinning from ear to ear. It’s about time we have some more boys in our church. The girls have them far outnumbered!

Mitch, I could write sooooooo much here but know that I love you deeply. So glad God gave us each other….I’d rather be with you than be with anyone else in the world. Some of my favorite moments with you are the times when we are alone in the car listening to Keller, Chandler, or Driscoll preach. Our words are rich as we talk about how God is weaving the gospel in our lives – in our marriage, our parenting, and friendships. Thank you for leading me, loving me, and pushing me to Christ. You are an amazing father whom our kids adore. Babe, I find joy in serving and helping you. May God give you another rich 40 years, plus more.

….because that’s how we roll.

Snow day = NO SCHOOL!


School was canceled today due to the weather…..YAY! We only got an inch….of ice, that is. The snow just wasn’t thick enough to make the snow angel Abigail was hoping to make. Although I was hoping for more accumulation, we weren’t disappointed to find the blanket of snow and get out and play a little bit. We even got brave and ventured out for lunch! That ice was scary!