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A sweet friend has said to me many times, “Looking around, you just never know the struggles and pains people and families are going through. This should make us want to get in each one another’s lives even more and take the risk to share our hearts and pray for one another on deeper levels.”

A dear friend is struggling with secondary infertility and is frustrated, sad, hurt, and angry – yet, she praises God for his goodness.

Many of our friends are in the Army and are moving all the time (thanks to living near one of the largest military installations in the U.S.). I’m tempted to think of the heart havoc these moves do on my heart but I want to remember that pain, excitement, sadness, and joy are also in the hearts of my friends who leave “home” every two years. They leave each time giving praise to God for his goodness.

Many friends are struggling in their marriages yet they are committed to reconciling and pursuing one another and the church. It’s encouraging to see them give praise to God for his goodness in their marriage, despite their trials.

The sadness of orphaned children brings the joy of adoption to others. There are several families in our church who are seeking adoption and it is such a beautiful thing of which to be a part. Our families are seeking this by praying together, praying for each other, and praying for the child/ren that will no longer be fatherless.

Death – although tragic, we spoke in small group last week of how we live as a people who don’t long for “home”. A church member lost her husband a few weeks ago, another friend lost her daughter last week in an accidental fall, and a close friend lost her daughter years ago in a tragic accident….they still give all the praise to God for his goodness.

What frustration and worry finances can bring! Just today, however, I taught my preschoolers of the provision of God.

  • Luke 12:7 – Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.

I love being with the people of Christ everyday but I especially look forward to Sundays when we can join together as a large body and worship together. Community has always been special to me and something that I will hopefully always treasure.

We are truly in this together and it just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

HT: Kelly

Bumper stickers


I saw two bumper stickers today that I just had to share with you.

“Drive it like you stole it!” – The truck I saw bearing this statement was a new Ford 150, driving past the speed limit on the highway as we crossed over the river from Georgia to Alabama. I laughed so hard that I text’d my brother about it, after I parked, of course.

“Jesus has good news for you! You don’t have to sin!” – This sticker made me smirk, shake my head in disgust, and then call my husband to share the stupidity with him. …..wait, wait, wait…..I get the meaning of the sticker….I really do. But, when you know that the nature of man is inherently evil, you realize that one will ALWAYS choose his own way. The good news is that Jesus changes hearts and HE is the ONLY reason we may choose the narrow way, his way.

Ok….enough preaching for now.

Good night.

7 Quick Takes


1. My boys are growing up. We are now staying at the baseball field one night a week until 8:30ish. I feel that it will only get later once they play in more advanced leagues. Watching Andrew play hard with passion and laugh with his teammates is encouraging. So, I’m excited about their love for the game, and I can see their skills are improving – but this mama doesn’t like battling the bath and teeth routine at 9PM.

2. Yesterday, I went to the spring consignment sale with a friend and we stayed for 2 hours roaming the racks and tables, laughing and cutting up. Then, I found a reason to go to her house later that night so we could sit and talk for another fun session. Happy birthday, Jennie!

3. Our children are now attempting to explain the Trinity. I wish I had Luke on video telling his Daddy tonight all about his thoughts on the ONE TRUE GOD and the three persons that make up the Trinity. I’m gonna work on getting that recorded, for sure!

4. Abigail keeps defying me when I tell her, “You must never grow up.” She responds with a smirk and says, “No, Mama…..I have to. That’s how God want it to happen.” I guess she’s right and I need to submit to God’s plan.

5. I was a counselor at an amazing camp back in my summer days of college. Even though many little girls came through my cabin that summer, two campers really kept in touch and allowed me the opportunity to even spend some time with their families outside of camp property. What a blessing! I learned last week that one of those campers (who just turned 22 years of age) died in an accidental fall down a flight of stairs – and I am heartbroken for her family. Death came to them three years ago when the father passed away from cancer and left the mother to care for their seven children. That mother has just, in the past few months, begun reuniting with her church family and living in the hope of Jesus. Now, with her daughter’s passing, I pray that she will cling to the cross and hold on to the hope of heaven.

6. The college students are coming over for dinner this week. I’ll be posting pictures of that event later because I’m sure the guys will cause us all to laugh ’til we wet our pants. I’ve requested that they bring their instruments and perform a diddy for us (they are all music majors). If that’s the case, a video will be in order. They are a crazy group of 20-somethings.

7. Only one more week until Spring Break. THE END.

Thunder in the Valley Airshow 2011


Thanks to a church friend, our family received free tickets to the Thunder In the Valley Airshow on Saturday. We left the house prepared with our wet wipes, sunblock, sunglasses, and earplugs. It was a beautiful day and the planes were amazing! I am still amazed that God gifted humans with the skills to make an object that flies in the air and transports people to spots around the world, over oceans, mountains, and long distance. Unfathomable!

I think Andrew enjoyed the airshow most – at least seeing the actual aerobatic shows and aircraft cockpits. Luke and Abigail enjoyed the souvenirs and face painting more than anything. We lasted four hours at the airshow and I was thankful the children didn’t tire or complain (well, at least not until the last 30 min. or so).

Wait, I need to correct myself….the shuttle bus ride back to the parking deck was BY FAR their favorite part of our outing. Who knew?

Outside snack


It was 85 degrees today! Beautiful!

After school Friday, we went home and ate Popsicles outside and then rode bikes, hit the tennis ball in the cul-de-sac, skateboarded, flew on roller blades, and practiced throwing & catching the baseball.

There was a slight breeze in the air at about 4 miles per hour. I can almost smell spring.



Mitch and I sat in front of the computer tonight, laughing together until it hurt. What made us giggle and cry tears of fun? Mercy Me (the band) has recorded a lot of old cover songs, some of which they don’t know the lyrics – such as this one.

But, our favorite video of them all is the one below – The Eye of the Tiger.

Even though the videos are silly, it’s still encouraging to see a group of grown men have such happy friendship with one another. It’s all about God – even in the fun.

Other GRAB BAG tunes you can watch:

Stayin’ Alive
Hard To Say Goodbye
Obladi Oblada (Fantastic!)
Hey Ya
I Feel Fine
Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)
Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book)
I Will Survive
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
It’s the End of the World
Hold Me Now (Funny!)
New Sensation
More Than Words
Never Gonna Give You Up (bad dancing – you’ve been warned)
Jesus Is Still Alright
Take On Me

Because he’s mine and I can.


Andrew plays and works so hard during the day that he’s at complete empty and full of exhaustion by bedtime. He is always hungry, eating us out of house and home. Thank goodness he’s not a picky food eater!

I look at this picture and my heart melts. I love this little guy…well, he’s not so little anymore because he’ll be seven next month. Last night, I asked him if I could pick him up and carry him. He said yes so I asked him to jump high as to get a good grip and bounce. He laughed, smiled and said, “You ready?”. I remember that sweet small trek from the couch to his bedroom and how I took in every moment to hold him in my arms, on my hip, close to my hair, skin, and nose. His hair was still wet from his evening bath but I loved having his head next to my ear. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold him like that much longer – but I will try.

God has given us a precious gift and I only hope we can show Andrew how much we love him and that Jesus loves him far more than we ever could.

This is another canvas that will adorn one of our living room walls!