4 years & I’m finally "decorating"


We’ve lived in our house for four years. I’ve always hated the wallpaper that adorns the bathroom, dining room, and top of the kitchen walls. So, a few weeks ago, I removed the wallpaper border in the kitchen and painted it gossamer blue and the living room in sea star (the true colors are darker on the walls than the online sample). My house feels cozier and warmer but all the walls are still bare. A friend is helping me use what I have to make the room “work” but I still like creating things and adding that personal touch.

At a wedding this past weekend, the couple gave Jelly Belly beans as a party favor in these boxes:

This afternoon I emptied the beans into a Ziploc bag and started for the trash can – that’s when I couldn’t bear to throw those cute little brown cardboard boxes away! I knew I could use them for something so I started racking my brain to start and finish a project immediately – TODAY! I’m terrible at saving things like this with the intention of “doing something creative” but then forgetting about it and adding it to a “later” pile.

Big Lots is a great place to find discounted scrapbook paper. The colors in my living room went great with a new pad of paper I had just purchased. So, I chose my designs, measured the squares, bordered them with black, glued ’em on, and….DONE!

The five cute boxes now sit atop my mantle. Also, I had a great coupon last week and just ordered this canvas in a size 24 x 20 to hang somewhere in the room (I’ll post finished pictures when the time comes….if it ever comes):

To be continued….

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