Thunder in the Valley Airshow 2011


Thanks to a church friend, our family received free tickets to the Thunder In the Valley Airshow on Saturday. We left the house prepared with our wet wipes, sunblock, sunglasses, and earplugs. It was a beautiful day and the planes were amazing! I am still amazed that God gifted humans with the skills to make an object that flies in the air and transports people to spots around the world, over oceans, mountains, and long distance. Unfathomable!

I think Andrew enjoyed the airshow most – at least seeing the actual aerobatic shows and aircraft cockpits. Luke and Abigail enjoyed the souvenirs and face painting more than anything. We lasted four hours at the airshow and I was thankful the children didn’t tire or complain (well, at least not until the last 30 min. or so).

Wait, I need to correct myself….the shuttle bus ride back to the parking deck was BY FAR their favorite part of our outing. Who knew?

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