7 Quick Takes


1. My boys are growing up. We are now staying at the baseball field one night a week until 8:30ish. I feel that it will only get later once they play in more advanced leagues. Watching Andrew play hard with passion and laugh with his teammates is encouraging. So, I’m excited about their love for the game, and I can see their skills are improving – but this mama doesn’t like battling the bath and teeth routine at 9PM.

2. Yesterday, I went to the spring consignment sale with a friend and we stayed for 2 hours roaming the racks and tables, laughing and cutting up. Then, I found a reason to go to her house later that night so we could sit and talk for another fun session. Happy birthday, Jennie!

3. Our children are now attempting to explain the Trinity. I wish I had Luke on video telling his Daddy tonight all about his thoughts on the ONE TRUE GOD and the three persons that make up the Trinity. I’m gonna work on getting that recorded, for sure!

4. Abigail keeps defying me when I tell her, “You must never grow up.” She responds with a smirk and says, “No, Mama…..I have to. That’s how God want it to happen.” I guess she’s right and I need to submit to God’s plan.

5. I was a counselor at an amazing camp back in my summer days of college. Even though many little girls came through my cabin that summer, two campers really kept in touch and allowed me the opportunity to even spend some time with their families outside of camp property. What a blessing! I learned last week that one of those campers (who just turned 22 years of age) died in an accidental fall down a flight of stairs – and I am heartbroken for her family. Death came to them three years ago when the father passed away from cancer and left the mother to care for their seven children. That mother has just, in the past few months, begun reuniting with her church family and living in the hope of Jesus. Now, with her daughter’s passing, I pray that she will cling to the cross and hold on to the hope of heaven.

6. The college students are coming over for dinner this week. I’ll be posting pictures of that event later because I’m sure the guys will cause us all to laugh ’til we wet our pants. I’ve requested that they bring their instruments and perform a diddy for us (they are all music majors). If that’s the case, a video will be in order. They are a crazy group of 20-somethings.

7. Only one more week until Spring Break. THE END.

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