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Mitch and I sat in front of the computer tonight, laughing together until it hurt. What made us giggle and cry tears of fun? Mercy Me (the band) has recorded a lot of old cover songs, some of which they don’t know the lyrics – such as this one.

But, our favorite video of them all is the one below – The Eye of the Tiger.

Even though the videos are silly, it’s still encouraging to see a group of grown men have such happy friendship with one another. It’s all about God – even in the fun.

Other GRAB BAG tunes you can watch:

Stayin’ Alive
Hard To Say Goodbye
Obladi Oblada (Fantastic!)
Hey Ya
I Feel Fine
Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)
Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book)
I Will Survive
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
It’s the End of the World
Hold Me Now (Funny!)
New Sensation
More Than Words
Never Gonna Give You Up (bad dancing – you’ve been warned)
Jesus Is Still Alright
Take On Me


Because he’s mine and I can.


Andrew plays and works so hard during the day that he’s at complete empty and full of exhaustion by bedtime. He is always hungry, eating us out of house and home. Thank goodness he’s not a picky food eater!

I look at this picture and my heart melts. I love this little guy…well, he’s not so little anymore because he’ll be seven next month. Last night, I asked him if I could pick him up and carry him. He said yes so I asked him to jump high as to get a good grip and bounce. He laughed, smiled and said, “You ready?”. I remember that sweet small trek from the couch to his bedroom and how I took in every moment to hold him in my arms, on my hip, close to my hair, skin, and nose. His hair was still wet from his evening bath but I loved having his head next to my ear. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold him like that much longer – but I will try.

God has given us a precious gift and I only hope we can show Andrew how much we love him and that Jesus loves him far more than we ever could.

This is another canvas that will adorn one of our living room walls!

Valentine tulips


I’m not a fan of receiving flowers….especially on special occasions. However, Mitch knows that my favorite flower is a tulip and he arrived home on Valentine’s Day, 2010, with a surprise bouquet of the beautiful flowers. Although it was a bit late to plant the bulbs (once the flower wilted and died), I saved them and remembered to plant them this past fall.

They are sprouting and have buds. I’m excited to see them once they bloom!

They love her – You, Meme!


Mitch’s mother, Meme (also known as Cheryl), joined us for dinner out tonight. It was good to simply sit around the table and chat while munching on food. We had her all to ourselves and it bought me joy to watch my children swarm to her with arms open wide for a hug and kiss (especially Abigail).

We really should do this more often, MeMe. You are the best mother-in-law in the world. I mean that.