Playing in the park


Eating picnics, walking, and playing at ANY park is one of our favorite things to do. We spend most of our summer at one of the local parks eating PB&J sandwiches and exploring God’s outdoor creation. While visiting my family over spring break a few weeks ago, we all spent a few hours enjoying each other while outside.

He wasn’t really sad….just pretending to be sad about landing face first in the sand at the bottom of the slide.

See what I mean?

Cousins born on the same day, four years apart. My sister and I still “laugh” about that.

Yep, railroad tracks over the water that are still used by the rail line…..and by our feet!

Cousins laughing….so glad that they got this time together. With the age difference of 16 years, they still have a cute friendship.

He wants a dog so bad!

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