Days 9 & 10


During our vacation stay in St. Louis last week, I took 764 photos (after deleting the blurry and dark ones!). Days 9-15 of our summer were spent in St. Louis, Missouri visiting the Cowan family (and other stops to and fro) so here is my attempt to blog about our days there.

Driving to and from Missouri – I read two books, we stopped for potty breaks, ate quick meals, and disciplined our kids along a random exit next to the farmlands of Kentucky.

We arrived late at night but awoke the next morning at a decent hour. Our kids immediately took right to the Cowan kids and then found more friends in the complex (AKA “Gulf”). They all quickly got busy playing in the sprinkler and on the outdoor toys.

Then, the big event of the day took place – The Magic House!…

….Day 10 TO BE CONTINUED in next post

There are still more pictures to come in chronological order but I’m chopping them up into smaller posts.

In the words of my dear friend, Coralie, “Those words, while informative, can’t tell you any of the important things about the week, the events, or the people. It doesn’t tell you how full my heart was to be continually surrounded with people who have been – and continue to be – such a blessing to me. It doesn’t include the laughter, the long discussions about the things of God, the reminiscing of the past and the plans for the future. It doesn’t include how precious it was to see people I love and cherish learn to love each other. In the end, I just have to hit “post” and trust you to understand that sometimes a thousands words still can’t do justice to a moment. Last week was filled with such moments.”

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