Day 14 – Sunday


This was our last day in St. Louis with the Cowan family. It was both joyous and sad.

Joyous because it was the Lord’s Day! We got to worship with our friends and witness the grace of God as their sweet daughter was baptized.

“In baptism we honor God by marking out and acting on the promises that reflect his grace both in blessing parents who act in devotion to God and in blessing the child being devoted to him in covenantal faith.” – Dr. Bryan Chapell

Sad because we departed, hugged, cried, and said our goodbyes in the church parking lot. There are a lot of reasons that might allow us to see them again….I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

On the drive back south, we had to pass through Metropolis, Illinois – home to Superman!

(We were there three years ago – click here to see how we’ve changed since.)

Anyway, you know we HAD to pose. Go ahead, laugh at us. We know how kooky we are!

The boys are crazy but they really did well riding for all those hours in the car – especially since we broke the trip home in half and stopped to sleep (They aren’t really asleep in this picture. They were just teasing us).

Our kids love staying in a hotel. I kind of like it, too!

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