Day 18


This day we just stayed home and cleaned for a good while. The kids helped to purge their belongings and then sit down for a favorite biscuit pizza meal.

Since we had some time, we headed out to Staples in search of Father’s Day gifts from the kids using a fantastic coupon that was released this week making their purchases come to a grand total of only $2.76 (that’s combined!). I wish I had had my camera with me when we checked out to have captured the cashier’s face. He was amazed that we paid so little for so much loot. I would type out all the loot we got for Mitch but then he wouldn’t be surprised next weekend!

Barnes & Noble has their summer reading program up and running again so Andrew jumped in full force and completed the reading log quickly. He wanted to pick out his free book from the store so we ventured to B&N where he picked out one of our family favorites – Mercy Watson! Mitch loves the characters in the Mercy Watson books so he enjoyed reading the book to the kids as soon as possible.
Also while at B&N, I got to sit in a chair and watch my kids find a spot on stage to read their own books, put on a short play, and read to each other. It was a sweet moment.


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