Day 20 – Saturday


Snakes made an appearance this day. The snake man from our local wildlife resource center, Oxbow Meadows, brought his collection of venomous and non-poisonous snakes to show off to the crowd at a popular Saturday morning family spot. Our kids thought it was so cool even though the temperature was a soaring 95 degrees.

Then, as we walked back to our car, I captured this:

I never asked that they hold hands across the parking lot. It just happened!

We got a quick bite to eat at one of our favorite local BBQ joints in town….

….and then hit the pool AGAIN (with goggles so screaming wouldn’t follow for the rest of the afternoon and evening with pleads for dropping milk in their eyes)!

Also, Abigail is now swimming without arm floats and she surprised us today but quickly learning the concept of the freestyle stroke. So, I might be calling on you for help, Heather D, Damon S, and Suzie S., my swimming friends!


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