Day 29

I woke with a headache that just wouldn’t go away (it’s been around 3 days long).

Jennifer and I took our kids swimming this morning. I spent most of that time with my head buried in my arms, debating if I wanted to call my dentist and hear the predictable answer.

Dropped Andrew off at art class with his friends. Wish I had taken a picture.

Finally succumbed and called my dentist…..took my kids with me. They were super sweet, both the kids and the dental staff. Yet, I’m in need of another root canal. At least the pain was explained and I wasn’t going coo-coo.

Root canal is scheduled for next week.

Got meds (free at Publix!) and went home to take a nap.

After kids went to bed, Mitch and I watched and were greatly intrigued by a documentary about the Amish teenage stage of life called the Rumspringa (National Geographic.). I’ve read lots about this time of life but it was neat to see it lived out on reality TV.

Now, it’s time for a Vicodin.


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  1. oooh, that would be interesting to watch. We are fascinating by that society because they live so close here (they live among us…or do we live among them?)

    I want a new word verification word!! I don't want to type it…I am going to start this over again so I don't have to type this word 🙂

    Okay, all better (I copied and pasted the silliness because, well, you are in pain, and I thought maybe it would make you smile. But I hope the smile didn't make you hurt more :-(…Love ya!!)

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