Day 32


We hung out at Chrissy’s house this morning to allow our children to play together and to visit with her new baby boy. Andrew, Luke, and Abigail were intrigued. They constantly pray to have another sibling. I dunno……?????……..????????

After taking a quick swim in the pool this afternoon, we went to the church parking lot to give Andrew the opportunity to practice and train a little bit for his first youth triathlon that he’ll participate in (tomorrow!). In his age bracket, he’ll have to swim 50 meters, cycle 1.5 mile, and run .5 mile. We don’t care how well he does….we just want him to enjoy it and see if it’s something he would like to do more again. He might decide that he hates it and that’s fine with us, too!

While Andrew did a few practice runs, Luke roller-bladed and then worked on his robot.

Abigail rode her scooter wherever she found pavement.

Then, it was time to go home…can’t you tell? Look at that hair, that sweat, that stare!

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