Monthly Archives: August 2011

Cooling off


It is still HOT here in Georgia!

How hot is it?

So hot that, while spending time with a friend this afternoon and giving our kids some play time together, I jumped in her pool with all my clothes on!

The kids joined in and we had a grand time cooling off.

I think I better carry my swim suit in my car from now on.

You broke my chicken patty!


We just spent 2+ days at Grandma’s house where rules were lax and I slacked in my attention to what went into my kids’ mouths…..not that my dinner choice below made any difference.

So, while driving back to Columbus tonight with the kids (alone, I might add), I realized that we would be taking the almost three hour drive right through dinner time. This meant I had to stop and order drive-thru food to keep the kids and myself sane (and awake). Burger King has these little mini-Krytal-like burgers and chicken sandwiches which come in a four pack that aid in helping to save money and not waste food. I made it clear to all three children that they could choose between beef or chicken. They said they wanted one of each which made the math work out perfectly for us all. I conquered the speaker and pick-up window with ease and parked to make lap trays and squirt ketchup/sauces.

Did you know that my sweet daughter really wanted chicken nuggets? She thought I could read her brain when she answered my question with, “chicken”. So, for the next 45 minutes of our drive, she cried….declaring her disdain and frustration with her chicken in sandwich form and not in the usual processed nugget form (nutritious, I know…..and to think that I want to attempt this). She was so distraught that she refused the sandwich (and fries – horrors!) and said, “Mama, I’m sad and mad!”. When she realized I wasn’t going to give her what she wanted, she took her chicken patty and tore it in half so she could justify not eating it at all. I looked at her in the rear mirror and saw her pouting, crying, and keeping an eye on me. When she caught my glance, she declared, “Mama. You have broken my heart and my chicken patty. Now I will go hungry forever!”.

She asked once more if I would stop to get her what she wanted so she wouldn’t be mad at me anymore. I instructed her to take responsibility and eat what’s been given to her – or go hungry. That made her angry but I told her to stop fussing and talking about it because I wasn’t going to change my mind.

As we kept driving, she began to nibble at the sandwich and eventually gobbled it all down. I smiled to myself and remembered a powerful statement from a post I read a while back:

…if I am willing to die for you, then having you upset with me because I am protecting you is a relatively small thing in my world. – Chris Brauns

And to think that she asked for dessert when we got home!

A classroom observation


First, let me preface this post by saying that I think I should buy some of these.

After coming in from lunch and recess, I read a book every afternoon to my class. They gather around my feet as I sit in the mammoth rocking chair. They gaze up at me and into the pages of playful words and colorful illustrations. As I was at my desk the other day taking notes of my plans and instructing my class to read quietly for three minutes, I looked up to see two little girls licking their middle fingers as they turned their pages. HOW CUTE! I asked them where they learned to do that little trick and they both replied, “From you, Mrs. Jawan! You do it all the time when you read to us in the afternoons!”.

They are watching EVERYTHING I do….that’s scary!

Pack, pack, pack, & pack


This is what I do every evening before I go to bed….pack 4 lunches. I have to pray as I pack these boxes because it’s tedious and I am often so tired that I don’t want to do it. However, God reminds me of his abundance, both in food and in the blessing of my family. My kids haven’t complained yet so I’m apparently packing them “right”!

PresWIC council


I traveled to the middle part of my state yesterday to meet up with several other women in our presbytery for a training workshop. My favorite part of these times is always hugging and laughing with friends that months have passed between our visits. I am especially drawn to the ladies that serve on the council with me….thank you, Sheila, Diane, Kathy, Lois, Jessica, and Marla! ….I really love you.