Monthly Archives: August 2011

Pack, pack, pack, & pack


This is what I do every evening before I go to bed….pack 4 lunches. I have to pray as I pack these boxes because it’s tedious and I am often so tired that I don’t want to do it. However, God reminds me of his abundance, both in food and in the blessing of my family. My kids haven’t complained yet so I’m apparently packing them “right”!


Silly thoughts


Abigail has made us laugh this weekend.

Her first question: “Mama, what is a honeymoon?”

Her second question: “Mama, when Christmas comes, will you buy me a bow and arrow so I can shoot all the bad guys?”

She is keeping me on my toes!

PresWIC council


I traveled to the middle part of my state yesterday to meet up with several other women in our presbytery for a training workshop. My favorite part of these times is always hugging and laughing with friends that months have passed between our visits. I am especially drawn to the ladies that serve on the council with me….thank you, Sheila, Diane, Kathy, Lois, Jessica, and Marla! ….I really love you.

A beggin’ we will go


Even though my in-laws have a pool that we can swim in anytime we want, our kids still begged everyday upon leaving school or church on Sunday, “Please! Will you take us to swim at the pool across the street?” (it stares at us from across the street at church/school, looking all kinds of relaxing). We finally caved – well, thanks to the pool schedule announcement that it would be closing for Fall in three short weeks. The slide, the spring boards, the deep end, the water blasters…..we should have gone sooner!

Just a self-portrait to remind me that I haven’t had my hair cut in a very long time. I usually get my hair cut just twice a year but I’m thinking that I really need to make it more of a habit. At least the hair clips were a good investment.

A trip to Hobby Lobby this afternoon brought out the cowgirl in her.

A little girl has my heart


Abigail and I spent most of the morning together today, just the two of us. The area in our city known as Uptown has a Saturday morning market of sorts where all kinds of vendors line the sidewalks, selling their handmade/homegrown goods. As we strolled the booths, we crossed paths with many sculptures that stand on many corners and crossings along the way.

She asked, “Mama, take my picture with this boy and his dog.”

Next, “Mama, watch me stick my tongue out like this little girl!”

Abigail held my hand as we stopped and tasted delights such as homemade granola, fresh loaf bread, natural honey, and petted a basket full of six week old kittens – free for the taking (we didn’t take one, btw).

I treasured that two hours of time with her. My heart overflows with love for this child and I pray the time impacted her heart and reminded her of the deep love of our Father. Speaking of simple things and holding her on my hip reminded ME of an article I read last week. Here’s just a snippet:

When girls are well-known by parents–both the best and the worst about them–they “dare” move close to their heavenly Father because they understand grace. It has been offered to them from childhood. And it all stems from listening to them–knowing them better than they know themselves, then caring deeply and intimately for their souls. This is what they most want. They will love you deeply for it.