Because numbering my random thoughts wouldn’t make any sense


Abigail has had a deep raspy cough for the past two days….and it’s getting worse.  When we got home from school this afternoon, we sent the boys to their grandparent’s house for some quality time and dinner while I got to stay home and snuggle in the bed with my sweet daughter.

When she woke, she turned over to me and said, “I like sleeping with you, Mama, ’cause you’re always so warm.”

Yep, I am extremely hot-nature’d. Fortunately, the thermostat for the rooms on my hallway at school is located in my classroom.  All the other teachers are welcome at any time to stick their head in and adjust the temperature – but for the most part, I get to choose where I want to settle in the 70s.  I freeze out all the teachers, I know.  “Thank goodness for sweaters”, I tell them.

God has brought several new families to our church, most with young children.  There have been 18-20 kids on average each Sunday – the halls are filled with laughter and beautiful noise.  

In my preschool class at school (you know, the one with 12 girls and zero boys), we have been studying the country of Canada.  My little girls know the three seas surrounding our northern neighbor, the colors and design of Canada’s flag, and that English and French are the nation’s languages.  It’s been neat to watch these little ones show interest and retain the information from day to day.  After coloring the maple leaf and sticking the Canadian flag on a straw this afternoon, I couldn’t resist sending a text pic to Coralie.  Then, as a class, we prayed for Canada and for Abigail’s friend, “Mackerdoodle”.  Even though most of my students had no clue who we were praying for, but because this little friend was dear to their classmate’s heart, they bowed their heads and listened as Abigail prayed out loud.  Wish I had had a video of it…..dang, where’s my tissue?

During the summer months (which meant time off from work), I cooked at home almost every night. Now, I’m challenged to get a good meal on the table before two soccer practices, one ballet rehearsal, and errand running. I have no idea what to set out for tomorrow’s dinner but I’m thankful for our school spirit night at ChickFilA this Thursday evening!

Tomorrow afternoon I will leave my four year olds and travel across town to teach basic photography fundamentals to 17 year olds.  I am so nervous.

I really enjoy deep conversation.  You know, the kind of conversation that makes you think, makes you grateful, makes you wonder and sit in awe, makes you worship.  

As I type right now, it’s raining….hard.  The thunder is loud and the lightening is lighting up the whole house.  Everyone is asleep and I am sitting here by the window listening to Matt Kearny sing through my Spotify account.  Bliss!


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