Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011


Once again, it was a sweaty visit to our local pumpkin patch….but it was full of laughter and fun!  We rode a hayride, posed for pictures, got wet in the pond, and searched for pumpkins in the maze.  Our kids look forward to this visit each year, especially when we can share the experience with friends.

What ‘cha bringin’?


Andrew: “Mom, let’s play the I’M GOING ON A PICNIC game.  I’ll start.  My name is Andrew and I’m bringing apple sauce for our picnic.

Me: “My name is Jawan and I’ll be bringing some jellybeans for our picnic.”

Luke:  “My name is Luke and I’ll be bringing some lamps on our picnic.”

Cute, ain’t it?



We’ve been lied to.

The truth has been exposed but denial runs rampant.

When requests are made, I don’t want to fulfill them.  

So glad my heavenly father doesn’t feel that way about me.

I need Jesus….my heart is so hard. 

I pray for grace to abound so the Truth will be known in the heart of my child.

The burden isn’t upon me.

Will our child see grace in us?  

Will our child see Jesus?  

Will our child thirst for Living Water?

Praying for my child’s heart tonight.

Praying for confession and forgiveness.

Grace….it changes everything.