I like a little random diddly every once in a while…..


1.  Just finished reading The Boy From Baby House 10.  It was extremely hard to read because of the harsh reality of discovering what orphaned children went through in 1990s Russia.  Some of the unbelievable things still happen today.  But, I was touched by what I read and immediately began browsing the Internet to find more information on the story of little Vanya, now known as John.  This video shows John being reunited with his dear friend from the years he spent in Russia as an orphan in the baby house.  Can’t . Stop . Crying .

2.  I’ve been reading a chapter a night to our boys from the book, 100 Cupboards, that came recommended by the gals over at GirlTalk and by Justin Taylor.  The boys LOVE hearing about the life of the little boy in the book and I’m finding great joy in watching their eyes get large with excitement when they listen to the words I read.  They are asking great questions that let me know they are thinking ahead and predicting the outcome of various scenarios in the book.  WILD!

3.  I’ve been taking an evening sewing class at the local university. I’ve already made a cute tote bag and am currently working on a pair of PJ pants.  It is a highlight of my week and I am so ashamed that I’ve had this BRAND NEW machine (a gift 3 years ago from my mother) sitting in the box, collecting dust.  Now, I need some good suggestions for what to make as Christmas gifts….you’re all getting a TOTE BAG!

4.  We have begun the adoption/foster care process again.  We went through the training certification process with the state two years ago but didn’t pursue it further.  God’s timing is perfect so we look back now and see how it would have been so hard for our family to foster other children with a two year old already in our home.  Now, two years later, our children are older and there’s more room for various ages to take in from the state.  You can pray for us as we seek to be temporary/permanent parents to children who might have never felt love or heard the gospel of Jesus before.  You can also pray for our three children in that their hearts will be softened to see the love of Christ as we open our home to the fatherless.

5.  This is the last week of school before the Thanksgiving holidays.  As a teacher, I’m excited about all that this week holds for my class.  We have a turkey feast planned, a morning of reciting poems and songs to our parents, craft making, a door decorating contest, a collection of food for the local food bank, and a celebration of ADVENT to end our week.  As a mother, I’m excited about watching my children learn and then drop with me from exhaustion at week’s end.  Looking forward to spending a few days at my mother’s house for some rest.



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  1. Love this post. But just so you know, some friends of mine use the word “diddle” or “diddly” as a substitute/code word for, um, you know. So when I read the post title, I must admit that I thought you were about to share a little TMI with your readers 😉

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