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Ever have a clean mess on the floor of a highly used room in your house and decide to just walk around the mess rather than pick it up?  Currently, there are magic markers (with tops on, thank goodness!) strewn all over our playroom and have been there for two days….wait, I mean three days.

I’ve been leaving the house at 8:30 every morning and not getting back home until 10:00 each night this week.  We’ve been in the state foster care/adoption mandated training meetings and I’m exhausted.  Tomorrow will be filled with fun and turkey at school but I’m looking forward to having all of next week on Thanksgiving break.

My friend, Jennifer, just introduced me to a new recipe for DOUBLE POTATO SOUP….can’t wait to heat up my crockpot next week!

We went to a lunch meeting with a local Christian adoption ministry that has been a huge influence in some of the churches in Columbus, including ours.  It’s really encouraging to see so many families following the Biblical mandate to support adoption, whether it be in prayer, financially, by donation, or actually bringing a child into their home.  Praise be to God!

One of my children just woke up…..time to go snuggle.

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