Just not feeling it….


I’ve been blogging for six years and I have really enjoyed it. When I was staying at home with my children, it was (and still is) a great way to document their milestones, share pictures with grandparents, and simply record memories. However, over the past year or so, I’ve found blogging to be tedious and scarce in my thought life – meaning, I no longer take note of events, statements, thoughts and then think, “I have to blog about this!”. The enjoyment from it I once had has disappeared. I don’t think it’s due to Facebook (well, maybe a little) or texting or constant emailing…..I just think that life has taken a different pace. Also, I really (and I mean, REALLY!) struggle with sharing personal information on the web about my children. It’s a mixture of privacy issues, gossiping about them, and sounding ungrateful at times for the life God has given me. Not to mention that I’m a bit irritated with the past two blog services I’ve joined – they have created more work for me and I’m just ready to be rid of something on my plate.

Even now, I want to delete all the above content and just stop “cold turkey” with no explanation.

I sound ungrateful.

Just don’t expect much anymore….it will be VERY random, hit or miss, with this blog from here on out.


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