“Snippets” from my babes


In Sunday school this past week, Jennifer (Abigail’s teacher) told me that she asked the children this question: “What do your parents do that shows their love for you?”

Luke said, “They give me lots of hugs and kisses.”

Another child responded, “They let me play on the computer.”

Lastly, Abigail said, “They show me grace when I don’t come the first time they call me to the bathroom to brush my teeth.”

I think she’s getting “it”.


As I was tickling Luke during our weekly wrestling match (I always win), he giggled, looked up at me (while I was pinning him down!) and said, “You’re my favorite mama in the whole world.”  YAY! I win again!


Tonight up on tucking the kids in bed, Andrew started talking to me about some issues he’s having in class with others.  I was so tired and almost dismissed him when he started but so glad I stopped and took the time to show him interest and listen.  The little guy poured out such worry about his relationships with his friends and I could tell he was feeling his emotions very deeply.  It was such a sweet time to just sit and listen, comment from time to time, encourage him, and pray with him.  I don’t know what it is about second grade but Andrew has definitely shown such growth in his life this current school year.  It makes me wonder what God will reveal to me in my little boy in the months to come.  He’s such an encouragement to me and I thank the Lord for the treasure of a moment at Andrew’s bedside last night.


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