A full (of thankfulness) Saturday


It has been a busy day – a day we have enjoyed very much! We’ve spent it together and never was there a dull moment.  Makes me thankful.

After leaving the tri-city Christmas parade this morning, my phone rang.  It was our main contact with the state foster agency requesting that we come in TODAY instead of waiting two more days for our regularly scheduled appointment.  WE WERE DELIGHTED!  So, for the first time, our three children got to go to the state department with us to meet” Mrs. M” and let her know how they had been praying. Abigail said, “I really want a sister to share my room with me.”  The boys agreed and said, “We want Abigail to have a sister so she’ll have a roommate like we have each other.”  So sweet!  I have no high expectations but I am hoping we’ll be approved quickly for a home study and can meet a sweet new child soon!

The boys are finally sleeping in a set of bunk beds thanks to a beautiful couple here in Columbus.  I pray that we will “pass the gift on” once the boys outgrow this set.  It is such a blessing to receive needed gifts from people who delight in giving.

One of the boys’ twin beds went to Abigail so she is no longer sharing her room with a queen bed.  Now, she has plenty of floor space for play as well as a bare wall for another twin bed if God chooses to bring her a sister!

I had a photo shoot this afternoon as well.  It was the first one for me in a while. I really enjoyed it but I don’t really miss getting behind the camera as much as I used to.  I am really feeling the pressure to get this blog printed AND to pick up my scrapbook albums….and I’m getting older and slower by the day.


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