It’s hard to obey


A friend shared a true story with me today…..

We had a lot of errands to run last week to finalize a few things for our adoption… so, one afternoon after school Andrew went over to his friend’s house to hang out a bit until we finished our TO DO list.  While there, he was sitting at the kitchen table eating a snack and pondering on life (ha!).  As my friend sat nearby, Andrew asked, “Mrs. J, do you have to obey my mom?”. She responded, “Not really since we are both adults but obedience is a good thing because it brings glory to God. We should always ask God for help when we don’t want to obey.”  Andrew replied, “I try to obey my mom but I just can’t. I have a hard time. I try so hard but I can’t do it. It’s just so hard to obey.”

Wow, such transparency!

He spoke it out loud and it sounds like R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.I.L.I.T.Y!

My heart was thrilled to hear this! His confession reminds me of the joy in suffering so that I can see the redemption of our Father.  I pray that Andrew’s heart will continue to struggle and speak the gospel to me and to his friends.

In our small group, we are going through a parenting series by Paul Tripp.  Tonight’s video (start at 3:20 below), Tripp said, “…be humble. Be a living example of the struggle and God’s rescue.”

The child’s hope is not you (the parent)…his hope is God. I’ll have to re-read this post over and over to be reminded of that Truth.

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