Monthly Archives: January 2012

Just more pictures


I am so tired – clothes are waiting to be folded, lunches need to be packed, dishes are piled in the sink, and lesson plans are waiting to be addressed.  Pictures are all I have time to post lately.

I want to win an iPad2 (because that’s the only way I’ll be able to own one)!


I’ve been telling my husband that the only way we would ever own an iPad was if one of us won one in a contest or on a blog entry of sorts.  He agreed – and so we went on with our everyday lives.  From time to time, I’d perform a GOOGLE search to find out what current blogs or businesses were hosting a giveaway but never entered any because the requirements were either too stiff (I can’t hop on a plane at the last minute and arrive for the winning announcement) or the competition was far too difficult to battle (yeah, not gonna dance in a home video in my swimsuit….um, no).

I was delighted to open GOOGLE READER tonight and see on the feed that my cyber friend, Megan, was giving away an iPad2 (…just for me!  Ha….kidding).

Go ahead….I know you want to enter her contest now, too, huh?  Just click on the grey words below that read “a Rafflecopter giveaway” to enter the contest yourself!

Please, tell them Jawan McGinnis referred you….and then watch your back!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Luke’s BOWLING b’day party


We invited Luke’s class (10), cousins (2) and a few friends from church (3) to join our family in celebrating Luke’s 6th birthday.  Guess what happened?  EVERYBODY SHOWED UP!  We took over three lanes during league play and watched the little ones dominate the alley!  Luke had a grand time and was ecstatic about the entire evening. He also slept EXTREMELY well that night.