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Random tagging


How long have I known Kelly?  Since 1991! I was actually cleaning out a box in my garage the other day when I stumbled across the folder from our week at GA Music Camp where our friendship began.  Kelly and I clicked quickly and sang our hearts out to God while standing on the risers every day back in Norman Park, GA.  We’ve kept in touch through Facebook and updates on our blogs.  She lived in Albany (ok, Leesburg…don’t kill me) and I lived just an hour south in Thomasville. Now that we are older and married, we have moved within the state but are still close in miles – she’s in Atlanta and I’m in Columbus.

Kelly tagged me in her latest post so I am here to obey (willingly and with a smile!).  Kelly, you are such a sweet and fun friend!

11 Random Things About Me:

1. I hate to cook but I find joy in the task simply because it’s a way to serve my family.

2.  I prefer to write with a pencil than a pen but rarely do for fear that my notes will be erased.

3.  Don’t touch me when I’m brushing my teeth….that’s all I’m sayin’.  Just ask Mitch.

4.  Speaking of teeth, I am in the dentist’s chair more than I’m in the hairdresser’s chair.

5.  I enjoy sweeping the floor, watching real crime TV documentaries, and organizing random drawers….weird.

6.  I really enjoy being alone but I always look forward to spending time with friends and family….the Body of Christ is amazing.

7.  I don’t like to receive candy, jewelry, or flowers for special occasions. I’d rather have your words and your time.

8.  I am an unashamed mini-van driver, soccer mom, and frequent library patron.

9.  Pinterest is tempting but I don’t visit the site daily. Twitter had me at HELLO but I quickly gave up on it.

10.  I can’t roll my R’s.  If I had been born in a Spanish speaking country, I often wonder if I would have a speech impediment.

11. I dream of mothering more children and our children long for more siblings….I hope 2012 will be the year that dream comes true.

Questions for me from Kelly…

  1. If you drink coffee, what do you take in it? And, if you don’t drink coffee, WHY NOT?

Well, I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis – meaning, I don’t have to have it to function.  Now, if someone has made coffee at a function or event (and it’s free – CHURCH!), then I will have one cup with fancy flavored cream and two sugars.  You see, coffee is more of a dessert for me….one loaded with lots of calories.  Fortunately, coffee does not keep me awake so I can drive through Starbucks with my gift cards (thanks to my little students) and order a white chocolate mocha at 9PM and still fall asleep for the night with ease.  I don’t remember there being a coffee pot in my house growing up so coffee wasn’t something I thought or saw much of as a child.

  1. What was your first automobile?

My first automobile was a red 1988 Toyota Celica hatchback.  Yeah, you know you wish you could say the same… was awesome! I didn’t get it until my senior year of high school upon which I began my first HUGE financial responsibility.  I drove it for four years until I wrecked it when I fell asleep at the wheel after getting off from work around 11:00 one evening. Fortunately, no one was hurt….my sweet Celica was deemed totaled and is now in some junk yard in Valdosta, Georgia.

  1. If you could win any all-expense paid vacation to take next week, where would you go?

I have been telling my husband that, although I would love to go to Europe someday (Hello, Laura and Steve – Ireland!), I really, really, really want to lay eyes on the beauty of America.  So, I would choose to travel out West so I could see The Grand Canyon and the mighty Redwood/Sequoia trees.

  1. What is the last movie you saw?

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (movie 2)

  1. If you had to choose ONE of these, would you live in a place where it’s always winter (cold!) or always summer (hot!)?

Well, this was a hard question.  I absolutely love cold better than hot but I still think it would be more enjoyable to live somewhere where it was always hot because I could cool down in the pool, be outside more often, and wear less (appropriate) clothes.

  1. What is the first word that comes to mind when asked to describe yourself?


  1. What is your favorite song right now?

Anything by THE CIVIL WARS (especially “Barton Hollow”).

  1. If you won a big sum of money, what is one charity that you would donate to immediately?

The J & C Cowan Fund (it’s a small private charity that few people know about) – basically, I would divide my monies for missionary friends first and then for orphans or adoptive families second.

  1. Which flavor of Girl Scout Cookies do you prefer?

The peanut butter patties

  1. Recommend a book to me.

1000 Gifts, by Anne Voskamp

  1. Paper or plastic?

I’m fine with plastic, although I have about 14 reusable bags that live on the hooks in my garage because I continue to fail at remembering to put them in the car for my grocery trips.

Upward basketball


The boys are playing basketball and loving it.  We also like that the Gospel is shared during halftime.

Look alike


I found a book in a bargain store that reminded me of my middle child.  Don’t you think the illustration resembles the real thing?  I do!