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In her crib


Some probably won’t understand why I waited so long and others will empathize and wonder why I did it so soon. Abigail is now sleeping in her crib on the OTHER side of the house. She’s three months old. Both boys made it into their cribs earlier than three months of age but their rooms were also right beside mine at the time. Having a split floor plan is nice in that you don’t have to be quiet when in the master bedroom….but it breaks my heart to put my infant daughter so far away from me at night. Believe me, the monitor is at full volume!


Sleeping through the night


Neither of my boys slept through the night (what I consider a five hour stretch) until they were between 8-12 months old. AB has been sleeping through the night for the past three days and it has been wonderful…for both me and her. She’s only 6 weeks old and I know every day will bring change but this feels really good right now!