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Summer Camp

This week is full of summer camp at Brookstone with Miss Glenn. A is having so much fun! He cried on Monday morning and insisted that he wasn’t going, but when I picked him up at noon that day he begged to go back. Today they “visited” the Bahamas where he made a grass skirt and ate pineapple.


Who lost the peas?


I was on the phone tonight with my “Birmingham” friend, Crissy, when my youngest son handed me a bag of dried black eye peas. I laughed. A few weeks ago, returning home from a grocery trip, I made a mental checklist of the purchased items as I began putting them away. Unable to find the bag of peas, I went back into the garage and checked all throughout the van. No where. Here it is about a month later and guess where my youngest son found them…in the front yard bushes. They must have slipped out of a grocery bag or someone’s little hands got to them before I could and decided to “drop them off”. I thought it was funny.