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Paci Party


YES, I know….Luke will be two years old in just two more weeks but he has been addicted to his paci since the day he was born. After taking him to the pediatrician last week with his ear infection, I was reminded that the paci contributes to the pressure and fluid buildup in the ear and it would be a good idea to toss it ASAP. So, I decided to wait the week of Thanksgiving to do it so to keep my extended family from being miserable in case there would be screaming and tantrums galore. Guess what!?!?!?!? We had our PACI PARTY today. I snipped the tips of all four pacis (not in front of him, mind you) and then, when he asked for one, I handed it to him and he simply looked at it, put it in his mouth, smiled, removed it, and said, “Broken, Mama.” I pointed to the trash can and he just walked over to it and tossed them all in together. I was amazed at how easy that was. He asked for his paci a few times this afternoon but I reminded him that they were broken and in the trash can. He was ok with that! Then, at bedtime, he asked for one again. I gave him a broken one (don’t worry, I washed it) and he just cupped it in his hand and fell asleep. Wish I had done this sooner. Here is a picture of Luke tossing his paci into the trash can.

Mitch and I just finished watching the movie, AMAZING GRACE. It was really good.

We’ve only been living in this house for nine months but already the carpets are stained and worn. I’m not a big fan of carpet, especially when small children are living in the house, but it’s what is in place at the moment. Although this is life for me right now, I am sometimes embarrassed at the condition of the carpets when we have company over just because the stains are huge and cover an extremely wide area. Not to mention that, during our LIFE group each week, most of the people who come over have small babies and put them on the floor to sit and crawl. In my mind, to ease the burden of housework, I am reminded of the words of friend Jill Hooper, “THIS IS NORMAL!”. So, imagine my delight today when my sweet friend, Melissa, loaned me her Hoover Steam Vac! Mitch and I had so much fun vacuuming tonight! The carpets are now shampooed (well, at least one room is….one down and many more to go) and the house is smelling quite clean (I love the smell of Pine-Sol). However, I’m sure I’ll need to borrow the steam vac many more times if nine months time did that much damage.

Andrew has remodled his bird house from last week’s craft time. Here’s what it looked like last week.
Here’s what it looks like today.


Sunday School


I took my camera to church this past Sunday so I could snap family photos for our new church directory. Of course, I couldn’t help but take a few of my own child. Here’s Luke in class studying about the grace of God through the story of Noah. We want our children to know how real these true stories are and how the promise of Jesus is seen throughout the Old Testament. Although Luke is only 22 months in age, we see glimpses that he is “getting it”….the gospel of Jesus. Many may see the story of Noah as just another story in the Bible alongside the others of Adam, Moses, Abraham, and David but we pray that our hearts will be reminded often of His covenental peoples whose lives point us to the new covenant of Christ.

What’s wrong?


Luke woke up ill after his nap this afternoon. You know how it is. He brings me his pair of shoes and sticks his feet up so I’ll put them on. As I begin to do so, he starts screaming and kicking as if he has suddenly decided he doesn’t want them on. So, I put them down and start to stand back up. He screams again and motions for me to put the shoes on his feet…and this continues three or four more times until I give up. Nothing I did made him happy. We finally get outside (after I tricked him into the shoes by method of distraction) and he goes through the same routine with the bike helmet. “On? Ok, off? Wait, you want it on? No, off?” AHHHHH! In order to keep my blood pressure at a safe level, I decided to remain lighthearted about it and snap a picture for his scrapbook. I think it’s precious!

I knew I kept those bulk diaper boxes for a reason. It rained a little today so we were stuck inside for a short while. While I started dinner, the boys colored on the HUGGIES boxes which later turned into the demolition derby and were demolished.

All about Luke


Just capturing some pictures of my middle child. I’m the middle child, stuck between an older sister and younger brother. He’s already wanting to use the potty at 23 months of age and he is sometimes a little vain (he loves the mirror)!