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Boo Boo


My heart breaks when I see my children hurting – physically and emotionally. Tonight, as I was holding L, I got to the bottom of some steps and thought I was setting him down but didn’t realize his foot was caught in the camera strap (which was hanging out of the baby bag I was carrying). When I released him from my grasp, he fell face forward onto the rocky pavement, busting his lip. Blood was everywhere. I immediately scooped him up and began wiping the blood away but it kept pouring. He was screaming in pain which made me start crying. My crying caused A to begin crying so I was, needless to say, in a moment of panic. I screamed out my husband’s name and he came running to my side. My heart couldn’t take the picture of seeing my little boy in such pain so I stayed with A in an effort to help calm him while my husband went back inside to tend to L. Fortunately, we were at the home of some sweet friends, one of whom happens to be a P.A. He told us that it looked like L’s teeth were fine but that his lip was cut pretty bad (no stitches needed, though) and to keep ice on it after giving him some Tylenol. The drive home was full of screaming kiddos and I can’t seem to get the mental picture of L falling out of my mind. No matter how small or big the boo boo, my heart aches for my children when they’re hurt. I am grateful the Lord created me to be the mother of these three little lives but pray that I will trust in Christ for their well being and not in my own “skills”.


Middle Child

I’m the middle child in my family so L and I have a unique bond. He wants to do whatever he sees his older brother doing and also likes to explore on his own. Here, he wants only to play in the water and pump the hand soap to make bubbles. He screamed when I finally took him down off the stool from the sink. He was asleep in his crib just five minutes after taking this picture.